A Complete Guide to Building Your Own Computer

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USB-C is another one to look out for. The new port has only recently started to be picked up by new motherboards, and many are only the slower USB 3. Intel will provide generally provide better gaming performance, but AMD will better handling multiple threads — like simultaneous gaming and streaming — thanks to the extra cores.

If you want to go crazy, get 32 GB. Anything Mhz and over is unlikely to bottleneck your performance.

How to Build a PC in HINDI. 20,000 Rs Indian Gaming PC. [PC BUILD INDIA]

Just get whatever seems like the best deal. That said, the Nvidia is a significant upgrade and I think is the sweet spot for most gamers. Asus has a good guide on different kinds of storage here. If you need a lot of storage storage for movies and games, a traditional mechanical hard drive gets you the most gigs per dollar. The most boring part of your build, the power supply handles all your electricity needs. The main thing to consider is whether it can draw enough energy for running your configuration. Just get a decent cooling fan from a trusted brand like Thermaltake or Coolermaster.

Get one with LED lights if you really need something pretty. Note: Your cooler will generally come with thermal paste to transfer heat from the CPU, but double check to make sure. This is the a fun bit. There are a myriad of cases to choose from at a myriad of price ranges, fitting all sorts of aesthetics. Make sure the case is compatible with your motherboard size and power supply, and you should be good to go. You can also find cheaper copies of Windows 10 licenses on various online marketplaces, but you do so at your own risk.

Now comes the fun part. But for this build, we are mainly talking about a conventional video editing PC.

What do you want to build?

Save most of your money for a top-of-the-line CPU. Note: if you edit in DaVinci Resolve, than you need to completely reverse my recommendation and spend the big bucks on a high-end GPU. This description from RocketStock says it best:. Think of it like short-term memory for your computer — it will handle processing in the current instance, but when you shift programs or reset your computer, your RAM resets as well.

Before you start

Computer programs only require a certain amount of RAM. Of course, when you upgrade your memory to 16GB, the program will run faster since it was limited before. But if you upgrade to 64GB of memory, the program is not going to run any faster than it was with a 16GB set up. If so, go ahead and get GB of memory. Image via Patrik Slezak. SSDs use the same principle as a flash drive — there are no moving parts. When it comes to starting up your computer, an SSD will start in about three seconds, while an HDD will take about 30 seconds. In my opinion, a custom-built PC is an investment.

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Quick note: I will not include the prices of any operating systems in these builds. If you choose to go the Hackintosh route, feel free to explore that option on your own. If you know basic economics, when the supply is low and the demand is high, prices will skyrocket.


Unlimited Power: Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own PC

Especially when the crypto market crashes and people sell off their GPUs at crazy-low rates. We were also able to squeeze 16GB of RAM into this budget build, which is going to handle just about all of your editing programs. The GPU is on the lower-quality end, so if you are building a rig to handle DaVinci Resolve, this might not be the one for you.

Honestly, at this point, an SSD is a must-use as a startup disk. Now this thing is the perfect build in my eyes. This will handle 4K footage like it was compressed p SD footage. LOG footage will be easy to edit and manipulate. This build has plenty of room to expand, too. If you want to add more memory, there are four slots if you decide to invest in more in the future. All right, if you have money to burn, or if you want a PC that will last you for years and years, this monster is for you.

How To Build A PC Guide For Beginners #YesWeBuild | MSI

My God, this thing is a beast. How about rendering liquid animations to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool? Double check. You could honestly run any video game in the world at its highest settings, and this PC would laugh in your face. All jokes aside, if you are truly looking to master your destiny while editing 3D footage or compiling 6K cinema footage for a full-length film, this build can handle it. However you go about it, enjoy your dream machine.

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