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Find the gown template HERE! We'd love to see it! To access all the coloring pages for past episodes click HERE.

Think about one thing you can do, then talk about it with a grown-up. After that, have your grown-up tell you one thing they can do for one of their friends! Then, go out and do it. Both you and your friends will be all the happier for it. Antonio had a big house, with an even bigger yard Jose, on the other hand, had a very small house, with barely any yard, and just one old brown cow. Another day at the market without any sales? How many days has it been now: five?

But perhaps you can offer advice to a friend in need? He dreamed of the day when his family would not have to struggle so much. He fantasized about sitting at the same fine table as Antonio, as Antonio asked him for advice. Jose was stuck begging his old friend to share his secrets. Yet every time Jose asked Antonio for advice on how to make more money… the answer was always the same. Where is your wheelbarrow, man?

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And where is your cheese? I have to find some sort of job; my family needs to eat! Suddenly, he had an idea. If it has anything to do with work or money, I am all ears. Goodness knows I seriously could use both. He always enjoyed teasing Jose, but now he realized he could have even more fun… by playing a little joke on his old friend. Every few days, I scoop the ashes from my wood stove. Then I bring them to market, to sell. Perhaps you can make some by selling the ashes from your stove! Antonio was finally offering some kindness! And some business advice! JOSE: So The people in town are willing to pay good money Oh, no!

No - to pay great money! No — a lot of great money!

Baby ashes scandal prompts new crematoria laws

She furrowed her brow as he crammed the ashes into a sack. Why would he suddenly be so generous? This plan is foolproof. I just know it! When we left off, Jose was heading to market with a bag full His prosperous friend, Antonio, had told him that ashes were in high demand. Little did Jose know that Antonio Jose walked right to the middle of the marketplace and began to shout:. JOSE: calling out, vendor-style Ashes!

Ashes for sale! While comparisons to Cormac McCarthy's powerful The Road novel seem inevitable, William Luvaas' brilliant new collection of short stories, Ashes Rain Down: A Story Cycle , is a wildly inventive and epic comedy of prophetic visions, and a masterpiece of fiction for our own modern times.

Teetering between the rain-soaked forests of "Sluggards Creek" along the West Coast and a southern California where "there's spontaneous combustion of compost heaps, inflatable rubber pools, and couches stuffed with poly foam, and the choir of St. Jude's Catholic Church in Indio burst into flames singing "Nearer My God To Thee" when the foam lining of their choir robes suddenly ignited," Luvaas manages to weave ten stories into a moving, gripping and often hilarious journey of wily characters -- friends, lovers and conflicted family members -- attempting to navigate the demands of a crumbling world.

In a year of extreme climate disruptions, Luvaas' stories should be required reading -- if only as a reminder of the never-ending quest for food, water, fuel, redemption, understanding, love -- and sex -- in a world shattered by the "forever war," unrelenting natural disasters and unleashed civil disorder, and the power of storytelling to bring some sense and laugh-out-loud humor to the pieces.

Author of two other collections of stories and an acclaimed novel, Luvaas is one of the most original fiction writers today, whose insight, comic genius and ability to create wonderfully flawed, unforgettable and unsentimental characters remind me of John Kennedy Toole's classic, A Confederacy of Duncees , and the best of Grace Paley's "little disturbances of man.

What are the Ashes? Cricket's oldest rivalry explained - CBBC Newsround

While Luvaas sets up an ominous scene in southern California, in the story "Heat," he allows his characters to rummage for little gems of irony:. The weatherman doesn't give his opinion, just warns us we're in for another scorcher: sixty five straight days now over one-hundred-twenty degrees. We hear how the AC conked out in an elder hospice in San Bernardino and with it the respiratory systems of three dozen old people.

The federal government has just declared the first Regional Heat Disaster Advisory in history. In the final story, "Family Life," the battered son of a band of wanderers finally confronts his father's errant ways in a moment that transcends a world of depleted resources:. There's Krista right outside, looking at me like she never seen me before. Like it scares her some to see me now.

Inside Dad is telling Mom how sorry he is and hopes she'll forgive him and knows it's anger took hold in him lately and he wants to deal with it. Though I can't see it, I b'lieve he is got his head in her lap and she's stroking his hair and kinda cooing, saying it'll be okay. Root is a strong all-rounder and has racked up runs in just 81 matches.

He broke records in when he became the youngest England player to score a century in an Ashes match at Lord's in London. Australia's captain Steve Smith is his team's top batsman and has even been referred to as the best batsman in the world. During the Test, he reached a Test batting rating of - the second-highest of all time. Josh Hazlewood is the Australian bowler who England need to watch out for. He shone in the Test and his accuracy can leave a nasty taste in the mouth of even veteran batsmen. Hazlewood has taken wickets in 44 matches and is more than comfortable facing off against England.

The women's teams play a version of the Ashes too. The first women's Test series between England and Australia - the first women's Test series anywhere - was played in The contest was not officially called 'the Women's Ashes' until , when an autographed bat was burned before the first Test at Lord's, and the ashes were placed inside a cricket ball to make a trophy. In , a new Women's Ashes trophy was produced.

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Four points are awarded for victory in a Test match, two each for a draw, and two points for winning a One Day or Twenty20 match. The Women's Series have been played every two years since Australia are the current champions after winning the Ashes. Seagull hit by cricket ball 'comes back to life'. Fan records own amazing crowd catch.

Young fans react to Sterling's Man City transfer. Why are English footballers so expensive? The original rules of football. Meet the girl fighting plastic in Bali. Advent calendars - are they a good idea? Food banks ask for more help in the run up to Christmas. Home Menu. What are the Ashes? Cricket's oldest rivalry explained.