Career Opportunities in Conservation and the Environment

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One is an Ocean group and one is doing work in Nepal. I wrote a few proposals that did not get funded and now all I do is library research all the time and email my results and suggestions. This is not leading anywhere. Prior to this I had been an admin assistant in a conservation coalition. I sense the job market is horrible in most fields unless you have management, science or tech skills.

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Jobs are being created at the top or at the very bottom. I apply for conservation as well as for totally unrelated writing jobs. When I try to branch out into totally unrelated writing jobs I get fewer interviews. I DO get interviews so I know I am doing something right. I did get a gig researching grants for job training ironic. Content writing jobs seem to want a ton of things like knowing a variety of content mgmt systems, Adobe, Google analytics, html, CSS, etc. I keep trying to ad to my tech prowess when I can.

I almost just went on an unpaid trip to Peru in October to monitor river dolphins thinking that I would love to have field experience. I wrote articles for Seven Seas magazine. Everyone discouraged me saying I could be killed by poachers and it would not help my career. I have the motivation and persistence but I am not young anymore.

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I need some kind of income and I at some point would like it to be in this field. Im 34 now and i feel the same as you! Its hard to get motivated when you are stuck in the UK doing a hospitality job when you would rather be somewhere else i know. But I think your friends gave you bad advice! Go and get field experience, its the most rewarding of things to do because you connect with all types of people as well as nature. The more you experience and connect then hopefully that will guide you in the right direction.

I am also a little stuck, i have had brilliant experience in reforestation and forest restoration. I managed a 50ha rainforest reserve in Madgascar and it was my dream job. Unfortunately there was some visa complications and i had to come home. But there are lots of opportunities out there we just have to be open minded and try to stay involved in conservation in some way.

Good luck mate. It is nice to learn about careers options in conservation. The wildlife vet career option appears the most important and common one. You can make career by supporting the conservation work at any of the zoos or the corporate social responsibility department. The work seems to be tough and challenging. And is it best to do a training to get one of these roles?

Great article. As the owner of an ecological consultancy, I see how hard it is for people to break into the industry all the time. We now run a training scheme where we train people with no prior experience to the standard of an ecological consultant and it has worked well for us. Hopefully, more consultancies will start doing the same, creating more opportunities for people wanting to break into the industry.

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The World According To Me! To restore our natural world, conservation is the last thing we need. How to.. Crowdfunding Conservation: 10 Inspiring Projects. A very occasional email newsletter with expedition news, conservation resources and speaking dates. Monthly Newsletter Weekly Blog Round-up. James is a scientist, writer and speaker with a passion for adventurous conservation fieldwork and expeditions.

From critically endangered big cats in the remote Dhofar mountains to biodiversity surveys in the Amazon and forest genetics in the high Arctic. In the UK, James is a passionate advocate for citizen science and regularly speaks in schools and NGOs to inspire and engage young people.

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James Borrell. The 12 Types Of Conservation Career and how to choose which one is for you? Cheers, Paula Reply. Lucy What about social conservation work? David Hughes There are looooads of different types of conservation careers, and my main problem with my undergraduate degree was completing it and realising that the environmental sector is extremely broad… And work is hard to come by!

Cheers, Ed Reply. Emilija Mitovski Hi there!

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And Thank you James Borrell!!!! Jonathan Escolar Good blog entry here, something I could have done with reading years ago, and some even better, mature, and insightful replies.

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Paula Peeters Well said Jonathan! Search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships. There are many vacancy sites for environmental volunteering jobs but the following also have paid graduate jobs across a range of related areas:. Find information on employers in environment and agriculture , energy and utilities , and other job sectors.

An environmental science degree provides you with very specific skills depending on your particular course or specialist area. You'll also develop a broader set of transferable skills, including:. Some environmental science graduates go on to further study to train for a particular career path, e. Studying at postgraduate level enhances your employability by increasing your research skills, specialist knowledge and communication skills.

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Postgraduate courses may be aimed at developing knowledge of a specialist area or entering a particular sector, such as environmental health, where a postgraduate qualification is an essential requirement. For more information on further study and to find a course that interests you, see Masters degrees and search postgraduate courses. Over half of environmental science graduates are in full-time employment in the UK six months after graduation. Environment professional is the top job held by graduates in employment in the UK. For a detailed breakdown of what environmental, physical geographical and terrestrial sciences graduates are doing six months after graduation, see What Do Graduates Do?

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