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Metal and scrap truck collectors. This tradition of collecting 'junk' and metal scraps occurs all around the middle east landscape. In Jordan, lorries to the bidding of the 'scrap collector'. In Egypt, the collector rides around the neighborhood scouring or scavenging for recyclable materials in a rickshaw. The recycling man, whether in Jordan or Egypt, sifts through the treasures of the day.

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Having done the street rounds scavenging for people's precious refuse, he stops and separates the wheat from the chaff. Construction workers in the Gulf states are often immigrant workers like a large portion of the labor force there busy building up the next colossal Arab projects under the sun. Construction workers in the Gulf states live in notoriously cramped conditions - often critically tagged 'labor camps'. Street coffee vendors: In Egypt, particularly in Cairo, the Arab Big Apple, a lively Middle East city that defies sleep, these caffeine merchants operate late at night. Ice cream man.

Arabic ice cream made the traditional way requires a lot of elbow grease and 'pounding'. Most famous in Syria, especially if you like your ice-cream 'stretchy' and beaten the old way, as sold in popular "Bakdash"- the ice cream parlor people flock to in the Old City of Damascus to enjoy this mastic and sweet cream treat! Shoe cleaners are abundant in the region, but unlike some metropolises they can be found outside the transportation hubs, beyond the train stations.

With that friendly polish comes a bond established with regular customers who start to know their street corners by their shoe-cleaning fixture. Cotton factory workers in Egypt. This is the industry whose guild or union galvanized the Egyptian revolution with their striking action early on. These strikes spurred the spirit of revolution and paved the way to Tahrir.

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Staying with Egypt, presenting the 'Koshari man': This guy sells a popular traditional Egyptian dish that comes streetside food, from stalls, or as a more fancy affair in a restaurant, as the national dish of pride. Trash man-- 'everyman': These ubiquitous garbage disposal guys can be found working industriously in their orange jumpsuits.

Or green suits a la Lebanese 'Sukleen' - the cleaning service provider in Lebanon that recruits Syrian or Sri Lankan street cleaners.

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Jordan's crew, in their orange, are often friendly and helpful. Lotto ticket man: This salesman of lottery tickets is a very common fixture in the Arab-scape. In spite of religious debate it's come to have an accepted place in society and sales. In Jordan, 'YaNassib' lotto! The local falafel maker: Your falafel man is your friend. In Egypt it goes by 'ta'meyya' same fried patties, different name. Sweepers taking risks in the middle of fast highways, in the night, in some Arab countries. Or in the scorching sunlight of the day time cleaning vast stretches of road in intense heat can leave them sun-baked and a few shades darker, no matter what their skin tone to start.

Another day, another falafel!

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This purveyor of the deep fried chick-pea balls brings a smile to his job, even while exposed to the intense heat and often long hours of burning the midnight oil! Green Derby Hat. Your brand can tip its cap to a successful St. Patrick's Day campaign with this green derby hat! This wow-worthy wearable is an ideal accessory for parades, festivals, bar crawls and other St. Patrick's Day festivities.

It can also be worn year-round when green fits your color scheme. Customize each hat with an imprint of your company name and logo to associate your brand with the luck of the Irish! Elf Hat with Ears. Dress like one of Santa's little helpers this holiday season with this elf hat with ears! This eye-catching Christmas accessory features a red and green striped pattern with attached elf ears, making it a perfect accessory for office holiday parties, family get-togethers, carol singing and so much more. It is a one-size-fits-most item and can be customized with a silkscreened imprint of your company name and logo to maximize brand exposure on a desirable giveaway.

Patriotic Skimmer Hat. Don't skim on quality during your next campaign! This patriotic skimmer hat is a great way to show off your national pride. Perfect for national holidays, political rallies and other patriotic events, this eye-catching cap features a red, white and blue design and will get your one-color, one location custom message across loud and clear. Priced per piece and sold in increments of Novelty Parrot Hat. For a colorful and eye-catching handout that your customers will never forget, look no further than this novelty parrot hat! Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, Marti Gras celebrations, zoos, wildlife centers and so much more, this attention-grabbing hat will show off your love for this colorful bird in style.

It is a one-size-fits-most product. This item is available unimprinted only. Put your customers in the holiday spirit with this Santa Claus costume deluxe plush hat!

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This one-size-fits-most product is a classic wearable for the Christmas season, ideal for office holiday parties, family get-togethers, carol singing and so much more. It features a wide plush white band and a white pom-pom on the top. Please order in increments of 1 hat. Purple Plush Santa Hat. Get in the Christmas spirit in an eye-catching and unconventional way with this purple plush Santa hat!

This comfortable wearable accessory will make a perfect addition to any holiday occasion, including office parties, themed nights out, family get-togethers, carol singing and so much more. Please order in increments of 12 hats. It is one-size-fits-most and is available unimprinted only. Let us help you enjoy the season's good tidings!

Adult Santa Plush Hat. Make the most of the holiday season with this adult Santa plush hat! Accented with a plush white band and a white pom-pom on the end, this eye-catching and comfortable item is perfect for spreading good tidings and Christmas cheer at parties, family events, and out on the town.


Please order in increments of 12 pieces. It is one-size-fits-most and is sold unimprinted only. Hats off to a great campaign and a Merry Christmas! Green Plush Santa Hat Blank. Make an untraditional choice this holiday season with this green Santa Claus hat! Accented with a plush white band and a white pom-pom on the end, this eye-catching and comfortable item is perfect for spreading Christmas cheer at parties, family events, and out on the town. It is even a good fit for St.

Patrick's Day! This hat will help you have a great holiday season!

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Assorted Color Plastic Derby Hats. Show off your brand in a stylish and fun way with help from these assorted-color plastic derby hats! A great way to top off any costume party, holiday function and more, these eye-catching items are made of plastic and can be customized with an imprint of your company name and logo to maximize brand exposure. They are one-size-fits-most, and please order in increments of 1 dozen.


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Hats off to a great campaign! Santa Hat with Bells. The bells of success will go jingling all the way to your brand with this promotional Santa hat with bells! O'er the hills your brand will go as this plush, red and white Santa hat with bells is sure to get your clients in the Christmas spirit. Perfect for Christmas parties and parades, this Jingle Bell Santa hat features six gold metal bells in a one size fits most size.

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We apologize, but this item cannot be imprinted. Laugh all the way to brand success and make your clients' spirits bright this holiday season with this great promotional gift! Zebra Print Santa Hat.