Le vampire de Dusseldorf (French Edition)

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I,being the eldest,had to suffer most. As you may well imagine,we suffered terrible proverty,all because the wages went on drink. We all lived in one room and you will appreciate what effect that had on me sexually.

For example,I kill someone who is innocent and not responsible for the fact that I had been badly treated,but if there really is such a thing on this earth as compensation justice,then my tormentors must feel it,even if they do not know that I had done it. Then I spun a number of fantasies with regard to becilli which I might be able to introduce into the drinking water and so cause a great calamity.

In doing so,I sometimes had an orgasm. When that morning I poured petrol over the child Ohliger and set fire to her,I had an orgasm at the height of the fire. This sight of flames delighted me,but above all it was the excitement of the attempts to extinguish the fire and the agitation of those who saw their property being destroyed.


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That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures. Click Here For Facts' Page.


After questioning,Kurten confessed to his wife of being the one whom commited all the murders,and then asked her to turn him in for the reward money. She did.

NAPHTALINE - Le Vampire De Düsseldorf (1980)