Nobel Prize Winners of the World

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We have our own countdown: only 79 days to go till the official opening of the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Merida, Yucatan. Registration opens soon, stay with us. See More See Less. Comment on Facebook.

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Please help me share I live in the more racist ridiculous city in to special country I have Lyme disease and I was a victim of gender violence to famous racist institution of course they also work mentally altered people after I showed the photos www. A por the culture they are total wild. They have people in their territory, they have histories in their mind, they feel people with broken health people, they are andere with Lyme, they are extreme, they are sent to hit foreign women and in my case with Lyme I have Lyme disease, I do not want you or a daughter of yours to be in a similar situation.

In other cultures respect your live and not manipulate the situations, they wanted that I vor my husband separate of me, I with mobility problems and less a woman with Lyme disease, there are people who lives in the Moon in the reallity there are laws, human rights No Ideas in the Heath the people who is in the Moon.

Schwabenhass so imcompassive as in my case is reflected. I need urgent international help these people are totally schizophrenic, and imcompassive as in ancient times, in my case it is seen that they have not evolved, and very few live on the moon.

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My health condition is very worrying. Find out this is monstrous racism they speak to others as in my case, the reality, It is a province but proud of its ignorance and stupidity and imcompassion. Violate the privacy of people a recognized institution watch over me for racism.

Racism is maximum here and more with people with mobility problems. They also wanted to tell lies, that I was a prostitute having Lyme disease with 39 of Fever and being 2 years and 8 months in paralyzed bed, they also wanted to say that I am separated when I live with him in the same city and house , Obviously because of the Lyme disease, these disgusting monsters, They wanted my husband to separate from I with mobility problems, on Sometimes I can not prepare food alone or go to the supermarket obviously not, even put a person who manipulated me posing as my friend, at that time I was very ill health, Ago my brother in law talked to a prostitute they take serious ridiculous topics who only people with 1 neuron think serious, so pathetic, Instead of supporting the person with mobility problems, they do the opposite, they say that they do not live in reality, but in microcosm What trash I also need my treatment with really expert specialists, they wanted me to go to Spain, Canada australis or Dubai, ridiculous, alone, thas is crazy.

These incompassive, lunatics, racist pigs. In real life it is very different. They lives in the Moon, m.

Nobel Prize Winners of the World

A pig that They put it to even to hit me two floors of my up. Any collaboration sharing this case for now is an aid to me. You really do not want your daughter to have a mobility illness like Lyme and be treated this way en. Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee has many powerful, inspiring and exciting stories to tell.

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Among many others is the one of her own life's transformation. The unsung, heroic U. Native American Veterans Memorial coming to Washington.

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