Quality Assurance of Agent-Based and Self-Managed Systems

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Programming Language Fundamentals by Example. The Handbook of Mobile Middleware. Service Oriented Enterprises. Global Software Development Handbook. More tickets can be reviewed with everyone pitching in. Ticket review by team lead The more traditional setup for doing ticket reviews is for the team lead or support manager to do it. This approach makes it easier to assure that agents get quality feedback and all agents are rated based on the same criteria by the same person in the same manner.

Having one person or a few people as opposed to most of the team analyze oodles of data will inevitably lead to the person or small group spotting trends about the tickets.

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This would be unlikely to happen if every reviewer only sees a tiny fraction of the total volume. The obvious downside is that this approach will take up a lot of time for the people doing the reviews, so make sure the necessary time is allocated to them. The other drawback is that the feedback will only come from a single source, while your team could possibly benefit more from a wider spectrum of views and reviews.

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Of course, as the team grows in size, it may simply be too much work for an individual who has many other tasks to accomplish. Full-time person dedicated to ticket review As your organization grows, it might make sense to have a full-time person or even team focus on quality and ticket reviews. This is very common within larger companies and institutions. The quality of feedback tends to increase, as specialization brings lots of expertise to the exercise. Google, for example, has organized their engineering QA like that.

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It might be difficult to build a business case for a separate person solely dedicated to ticket reviews, especially in a hyper-growth environment with a growing backlog. Ticket self-review Self-reviews would work in smaller teams, where agents have lots of responsibility for their work. How should you set up the review instance? Use the right tool to track reviewers and reviews Have a single, easily accessible, and simple-to-use place or tool where you store and track the review data over time. Document the process and communicate it to the team Make sure you have the processes and what is expected of everyone written down somewhere for everyone to refer back to.

Launch, test and iterate the process Start simple to get a reasonable number of reviews done. As a Greek goddess once put it — just do it. Wednesday, August 22 p. ET Save your Spot. Help Desk software - Customer Support Software. Get HelpU delivered:. Get started with a demo.

stk-air.com.ua/modules/11-chloroquindiphosphat-und-hydroxychloroquin.php Although often complex and difficult to manage, the applications for software agent systems in essential life systems increase every day. Since the quality of the agent-based self-managing systems is a central point of software risks, analyzing, evaluating, and improving the quality measurement situation will always be a concern when developing these systems. With more than sixty illustrations and twenty tables, this book builds a foundation in quality and quality control for agent-based technology.

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