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The Howling

Stones are repelled—dragged, carried, and rolled about—yet they can be attractive and valuable. In fact, distance makes them more valuable compare AB And in the case of gemstones, carving itself is a kind of translatio.

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We should not ignore the overt associations between carving, inscribing, and writing that unfold in the poetic glyptic and graphic handling of stones. Timanthes carved this starry lapis lazuli, a gold-speckled Persian half-stone, for Demylus; in exchange for a soft kiss, dark-haired Nicaea of Cos accepted the erotic gift. The poem celebrates the achievement of a skilled stone-worker. The sequence of events forms a small narrative that follows the stone through two stages, expressed in two main clauses.

First the Persian stone is carved by Timanthes and transferred to Demylus.

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When composed, the narrative may certainly have been referential. On lapidary lore in antiquity, see Gutzwiller , especially n1.

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Hence the valence in, e. Bing ; Bing —43; Gutzwiller —; Rossi —13; Bing this volume. The fact that no authorship is indicated in the surviving portions of the papyrus led a few scholars to initially dispute the attribution of the entire collection to Posidippus. The most notable objections were voiced by H. Significantly, in his first publication on the Milan papyrus Lloyd-Jones seems to avoid reference to Posidippus.

Reflections on Poetry

See Lloyd-Jones However, he appears to have changed his mind. Scholarly consensus seems to move decidedly towards the attribution of all epigrams to Posidippus. See also Sider this volume. Gutzwiller Bing a Gutzwiller — Philip also equates the making of an anthology to harvesting the grain of a new page.

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AP IV 2. Gutzwiller —19, —, — Reitzenstein assumed the Soros to be an anthology of epigrams by Asclepiades, Posidippus, and possibly Hedylus as well. Gutzwiller is probably right to attribute it to a single author, namely Posidippus. On the important observation that Lithika may have been the possible title of the entire collection preserved on the Milan papyrus, see also Bing a and Hunter this volume. Evidence for the actual association of tags with small objects that served as votives is provided by inventory lists from the Classical and Hellenistic periods associated with the Athenian Acropolis and Asclepion, as well as with various Delian temples.

Tod —8; Harris — Bing ; cf. Hunter Spier Schumann Contact Us! It was given to me as a gift many years ago. In the many tributes to her, the last lines of the poem are often quoted: Tell Many of her poems grace the pages of our poetry books — Teaching with Heart, Leading from Within, and Teaching with Fire. Mary Oliver is one of the poets most often chosen by teachers to speak My poems walk through the classroom door each day.

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We often hear that teaching is both a science and an art. I agree.

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Because poetry matters. Why this website? Because what inspires and impassions teachers is worth sharing.

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Poetry, by slowing us down and focusing our attention, can help us engage in complex truths and potent emotions and yield poignant insights It is fitting that we honor him on WorldPoetryDay. In our three poetry books, many teachers and leaders chose to reflect on his powerful poems. This morning, I paged through the books looking for the poem and reflection to post in While it concluded in January ,