The Knife That Makes Men

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To close, press on the bar close to the butt of the handle to pivot it out of the tang. Pro: Ambidextrous. Con: Can wear out, causing the blade to wiggle when deployed.

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Axis This is a proprietary Benchmade design: A steel bar passes through the knife handle and slots into a notch in the tang. Con: More small parts that can break. Collar Here, a circular collar around the base of the blade twists to lock it closed or open. Line up the gap in the collar with the blade for unimpeded deployment. Pro: Simple. Con: Collar can wear out over time and not operate as smoothly. We researched expert sources and more than 10, consumer reviews, as well as relied on our own testing and previous experience, to pick some of our favorite pocket knives. We found multiple reviews of each knife, took their ratings and averaged them on a point scale.

For some of the very newest options, many lacking expert scores, we got our hands on the blades for testing ourselves. And our Consumer Score represents the percentage of people who rated the product at least four out of five stars on retail sites like Amazon , REI , and Drop.

We relied on multiple consumer marketplaces and averaged the number of positive reviews for each blade across the various sites.

Scientists Have Built Knives Out of Human Poop to Test Whether They Work

The shape lends well to opening boxes and cutting steak. A textured handle and cut out for your index finger keep the Skyline comfortable in your hand, while a flipper on the underside of the knife handle makes the blade easy to deploy. The Opinel has remained virtually unchanged for decades, thanks to its low cost, light weight, and how effective it is.

The No. The beech handle is simple and light, not to mention that it floats in water. But it can swell if it gets wet, which can make the knife harder to open. The CEO is a super slim and discreet folder that looks more like a high-end pen than a knife. And yet its effectiveness is apparent. The blade deploys easily with a thumb stud and ball bearing pivot and a liner lock keeps it open, while the lightweight glass-reinforced nylon handle provides excellent grip.

Our testing backed all that up: The CEO is capable, streamlined, and inconspicuous. Its blade and anodized machined-aluminum handle look great. A coil spring helps deploy the knife more easily and quickly, while a lock back keeps it open. The contoured composite G handle is slim and will fit more comfortably than many knives no matter what angle you use the blade at, according to reviewers, who kept remarking on the solid feel.

And the rest of the knife has a simple, effective design, with thumb studs on both sides of the blade for easy opening for both righties and lefties.

Scientists Have Built Knives Out of Human Poop to Test Whether They Work

The Axis locking mechanism feels solid but can be disengaged easily by pulling back on a small slider on either side of the handle. This makes it effective for most cutting tasks. A simple frame lock keeps the blade open.

The Victorinox Classic SD is an outlier in our list—not only does it have tools other than a blade a tiny file, scissors, a toothpick, and tweezers , but it is incredibly small and light. That modest blade length and tiny handle mean you should steer clear of using this for tasks that involve a lot of muscle, but the Classic SD can handle most daily cutting like opening boxes, letters, and otherwise annoyingly burly plastic packaging.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The History of Veterans Day. Color Day Production Getty Images. Steel can be folded either to form decorative pattern welded steel or to refine raw steel, or as the Japanese call it, tamahagane. Grain size is kept at a minimum as grain growth can happen quite easily if the blade material is overheated.

In a mass production environment, or in a well equipped private shop, the blanking process is used to make "blade blanks. Thinner cross section, lower alloy blanks can be stamped from sheet material. Materials that are more difficult to work with, or jobs that require higher production volume, can be accomplished with water jet cutters , lasers or electron beam cutting. These two lend themselves towards larger custom shops. Some custom knife makers cut their blanks from steel using a metal-cutting bandsaw. Knife makers will sometimes contract out to a shop with the above capabilities to do blanking.

For lower production makers, or lower budgets, other methods must suffice. Knife makers may use many different methods to profile a blank. These can include hacksaws , files , belt grinders , wheel grinders, oxy-acetylene torches, CNC mills, or any number of other methods depending on budget.

If no power equipment is available, this can be done with files if the piece of steel has not yet been hardened. Grinding wheels, or small belt sanders are usually what a beginner uses. Well equipped makers usually use a large industrial belt grinder, or a belt grinder made specifically for knife making.

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Pre-polish grinding on a heat treated blade can be done if the blade is kept cool, to preserve the temper of the steel. Some knife makers will use a coolant mist on the grinder to achieve this. Quenching after heat treatment differs according to type of metal and personal preferences. Quenching can be done with oil, animal tallow, water, air, or brine.

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The finish quality of the blade is determined by the Grit of the finishing grind. These can range from a low-shine grit finish to a mirror-shine. The high polish shine can be accomplished by buffing with chrome oxide ex. Most high quality manufactured knives have about an grit finish. Handle making can be done in several different ways depending on the tang of the knife.

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Full tang knives usually have handle scales either pinned, riveted, or screwed on to the tang itself while knives without a full tang may be inserted into a solid handle and then attached in one of the previously stated methods. Handle materials can range from natural materials including wood or elk horn to man-made materials like brass, plastic, polymer or micarta. A knife makers grinder may have additional attachments for making knife handles, such as small diameter contact wheels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.